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Learn more about Ridge View High School Athletics with this video and with our Frequently Asked Questions below:

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What does Ridge View Sports believe in?

The Ridge View High School Athletic Department has five Core Values we believe in.  These values were decided upon by our coaching staff.  Use these graphic to help us get the word out about all of the great things going on within the Ridge View Athletic Department!

Our Mission Statement:

In conjunction with the overall mission of Ridge View High School, the Ridge View High School Athletic Department is an environment where education and learning are promoted through interscholastic athletics.  We exist to prepare our student-athletes for the next phase of their lives and beyond through coaching, teaching and competition.  The Ridge View Athletic Department is a true family learning and growing together as we work to become the best version of ourselves.  We exist to help our student-athletes to the #NextLevel in their lives.

How successful is the Ridge View Athletic Department?

VERY successful.  We have established a culture of winning since 1995 all while serving our student-athletes as they grow through sports.

Ridge View State Championships – 2024 AAAA Boys Track & Field, 2024 AAAA Girls Track & Field, 2024 AAAA Boys Basketball, 2023 AAAA Girls Track & Field, 2022 AAAAA Boys Basketball, 2020 AAAA Boys Basketball,  2019 AAAA Boys Basketball, 2019 SCHSSCA Strength Meet, 2018 AAAA Boys Basketball. 2018 AAAA Girls Track & Field, 2006 AAAA Boys Track & Field,  2005 AAAA Girls Lacrosse, 2005 AAAA Boys Track & Field, 2004 AAAA Boys Track & Field, 1998 AAAA Girls Track & Field, 1997 AAAA Girls Track & Field.

Ridge View State Runners-Up – 2011 AAAA Boys Basketball, 2010 AAAA Boys Cross Country, 2009 AAAA Boys Cross Country, 2005 AAAA Competitive Cheer, 2005 AAAA Girls Track & Field, 2004 AAAA Boys Cross Country, 2001 AAAA Boys Cross Country, 2001 AAAA Boys Soccer, 2000 AAAA Boys Soccer, 1998 AAAA Football, 1998 AAAA Softball, 1997 AAAA Softball, 1996 AAAA Girls Track & Field

Where can I get Ridge View Athletic gear?

Visit our official online store by clicking here for the Ridge View Athletic Store.

What paperwork do I need to play sports at Ridge View High School?

All participants in Ridge View Athletics for the 2023-24 school year need a completed Sports Physical Packet dated after April 1, 2023.  This packet includes medical history form, physical form to be completed by a physician, concussion/consent form, and insurance/contact information sheet.  These forms need to be on file with our Athletic Trainer, Kanisha Jenkins, and can be obtained from. PlanetHS.  Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to do that.

You will also need a copy of a birth certificate on file.

Middle school students wishing to participate in Track, Baseball, Softball, or Cross Country must also fill out the Middle School Eligibility form available under the “More” Menu section of

All of the above documentation should be uploaded to PlanetHS.  Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to do that.

Can Richland 2 Middle School students participate in Ridge View Athletics?

Yes!  Currently, middle school students can participate in sports that are not offered at their Richland 2 middle schools:  Swimming, Cross Country, Competitive Cheer, Track and Field, Baseball, Softball, Golf, Tennis, Wrestling (JV only), and Lacrosse(JV only).

Middle school students will need the following on file with the Ridge View Athletic Department in order to participate:

  1. Completed Sports Physical Packet (addressed in more detail above)
  2. Middle School Eligibility form (available under “Inside Athletics” Menu at or by clicking here.
  3. Copy of birth certificate
  4. Proof of residency
  5. $50 participation fee once a team is made (paid at the middle school)

Can my business advertise with Ridge View Athletics?

Yes.  Corporate sponsorships are available.  Call Brian Rosefield at 803-699-2999 ext. 84400 to craft a package that is just right for your business.  His email is

Are there any fees to play sports at Ridge View High School?

There are district athletic fees required to be paid upon making the team.  This fee must be paid before the first contest(scrimmage or game)  It is a one time fee for the year no matter how many teams a student tries out for and participates with for the season.

From the district handbook:

Once a student is chosen for the team, he/she must pay a $50 participation fee before being allowed to compete. Coaches of teams that do not cut participants must communicate this requirement to all students interested in participating before they come out for the team. $50 is the maximum any student must pay during a school year, regardless of the number of teams he/she tries out for or participates on.

When are tryouts for each team? 

Fall sports at Ridge View condition throughout the summer and tryouts will occur near the end of September or early August.  Winter sports condition throughout the fall and tryouts occur near the end of October or early November.  Spring sports condition throughout the winter and tryouts occur near the end of January or early February.  Contact the head coach for specific conditioning/tryout/practice schedules.  Consult the Staff Directory to contact our head coaches for more specific information.

Is Ridge View Athletics on Social Media? 

YES!  Engage with us on our main Twitter handle @RidgeViewSports.  Also, our teams have their own Social Media accounts as well.

You can also engage with Ridge View Athletics on Instagram (RidgeViewSports) and Snapchat (RidgeViewSports).

Please “Like” our Facebook page. 

Be sure to use the hashtag #NextLevel in posts pertaining to Ridge View Sports!

What are ticket prices for home Ridge View Athletic contests?

$7 Varsity Football.  $6 Varsity Basketball.  $5 all other for all other home contests.  Ticket prices for The Bash, an international elite high school basketball showcase, are listed at

There is a Clear Bag Policy for all contests.